Arait Multimedia — более 30 лет работы в дистрибьюции контента


Arait Multimedia S.A. – международная компания, которая занимается дистрибьюцией, производством, лицензированием и мерчандайзингом телевизионных программ с 1987 года.

Компания предлагает каталог лучшей международной продукции, включающий более 4000 заголовков. В каталоге есть хиты, такие как “Inazuma Eleven”, “Monster Hunter Stories”, “Dragon Ball”, “One Piece”, “Digimon”, “Detective Conan” и другие. 

Arait – международный лидер в области дистрибьюции японской анимации,

Компания инвестировала в свое международное присутствие, открыв офисы во всех важных регионах: Нью-Йо́рк, Токио, Париж, Шанхай, Милан, Лиссабон, Алматы и Богота (производительный центр), для того, чтобы быть ближе к клиентам и рынкам и предоставлять качественные услуги по всему миру.

Продажи контента

Более 30 лет, команда Arait развивает тесные отношения с покупателями контента.

Благодаря команде на местах, компания обладает знаниями Аудиовизуального Рынка.

Знания культурных особенностей, креативность и личностный подход к продажам контента характеризует стиль работы Arait Multimedia. 


Joaquin G. Garrido, President

Aitor García, CEO 

Anha Benessalah, Sales & Acquisitions EMEA

Aidana Kasymbaeva, Specialist in Russia + CIS countries 

 Mina Lee , Specialist in Korean Market, Specialist in Documentaries 

 Judy Zhu , Specialist in Chinese Market and SEA 

За подробной информацией, обращайтесь:

Aitor García, CEO 


Phone: 34678717677


Анимационные и документальные проекты Arait Multimedia


Arait Multimedia is a leader in the distribution of children’s content, being an international reference in Japanese series. The catalogue includes wide range of animated shows and series with different genres: educational, comedy, cartoons of heroes, fantasy, adventures …

 Inazuma Eleven &Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven (three seasons) 127×30’

Inazuma Eleven GO (three seasons) 141×30’

Genre: Adventure&Soccer

Broadcast on more than 45 European countries!!

Inazuma Eleven: The Raimon High School Football Team is an unmotivated underdog with only seven players. Mark Evans, the Captain, tries to motivate the team with his winning spirit as he tries to bring them together. One day, a new kid comes to school, Axel Blade, the legendary and famous striker for his super-technique “Fire Tornado”. Mark wants Axel to join the team, but Axel refuses even though Mark insists. He changes his mind when, from out of nowhere, The Royal Academy requests a match. They must win or the team will be shut down

Inazuma Eleven GO series: takes place ten years after the triumph of the Inazuma National team, and thanks to that victory, the football team at Raimon High School has become very important and is famous because of its record of turning out great players for Inazuma National. Nevertheless, football in Japan has been taken over by the Fifth Sector organization, and every school must conduct its matches in accordance with their rules. Football has lost all sense of sportsmanship. The remarkable young Arion Sherwind is a new student who, together with coach Mark Evans (a former Raimon player) will mark the beginning of a new era. Following their dreams with hard work, the two will begin a race against time with the goal of bringing back the true meaning of football.

Monster Hunters Stories


Genre: Adventure &Action

On air on SpaceToon, Panda, Polsat, Nogaand TV3!!

In a world where hunters live chasing after monsters, there is a group of Riders who build bonds with monsters and live with them in harmony. Each rider has a “Kinship stone” that lets him awaken the powers of the monster called “Monstie” that he bonds with.

Lute is a boy living in a village of riders who dream of becoming the world’s greatest Monster Rider. Now Lute has reached his 12th birthday and a ritual will be held where he will make his debut as a Monster Rider.

This is the story of Lute, who departs from the village of riders with his childhood friends Cheval and Lilia and his partner Navirou to travel through the wondrous and expansive world and grow through his bond with them.The Great adventure of the riders and Monsties has begun!



Genre: Upper preschool

On air on Miaomi, TV Tokyo, CCTV4K, CCTV 14, Tencent and Noga!!

This is an adventure story about exploring, courage and problem solving.

 There are different kinds of creatures with wheel shaped feet on the 5 islands.  In order to rescue the village and family, Dash, an imperfect egg shaped car who can use gems to transform, starts the journey with his buddies. 


· Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards “Best Director Animation Short”.

· Selected by National Radio and Television Administration of the People’s Republic of China as “Best Kids Animation 2019 “

TETERU, Secret of Teddy Bear Village

S1: 11’ x 26 /  S2: 11’ x 26 (2020)

Genre: Fantasy&Adventure

On air January 2, 2020 on KBS!!

Nuri’smother has left right after giving Nuriher necklace. Accidentally, he discovers the magical power from the necklace that contains his mother’s secrets. Nuri, and his friends Evie and Bonggoo, find a secret portal connected to the fantasy land “Teddy Bear Village” where they have turned into “Teddy bear TRIO” who have the magic power to protect the village. The TRIO begin to fight against the witch Isabella who is stealing children’s dreams and destroying the village. Also they are trying to rescue Nuri’s mother trapped into a magic frame by Isabella.

In each episode, by making weapons/items themselves using DIY method, they got into the fantasy adventure.


Arait Multimedia is premium drama-specialist distributor which offers a wide range of Drama properties. The Company catalogue is mostly known for its Asian Dramas. The broad selection of Asian Drama is focus on strong characters, solid narrative arc and revelatory quality.




Genre: Action & Crime

This Argentinian-Brazilian co-production narrates the story of Gabriel Fontán, a public relations assistant who is arranging an event to promote his best friend’s brand, who is the famous ex-surfer and several times world champion Nando Oliveira. Gabriel doesn’t know that this event is going to be used as an excuse for drug traffic between Brazil and Argentina.

A stranger blackmails Gabriel. He is forced, under threat of being report to authorities, to give information about Nando. It’s then when he discovers his friend’s real business. Circumstances become even more complicated when, once they arrive to Argentina DEA agents, Brazilian hitmans, crooked cops and local Intelligence Administration get involved.

The Cleaning Lady


Genre: Drama

Rosa is a single mother forced to become the “cleaning lady” for the crime organization. Her ability to spotlessly clean any crime scene keeps them safe from the police until the investigating detectives decide to follow the chemicals. This is a woman who can give Breaking Bad’s Walter White a run for his money.

This series won the prestigious Martin Fierro Federal Awards for Best Fiction of the year and the Martin Fierro Federal de Oro, the highest award given in this competition to the best content among all genres. In addition, it was pre-nominated for the International Emmy Awards.

 Remake rights have been sold in USA, Spain and Italy.



Romantic drama

Four girls employed as domestic workers in four different homes have one thing in common, they are all hired from the same Domestic-Labor Office. Basma run away from her father’s home in order to avoid the arranged marriage he was planning for her with an old rich man. Amal fell in love with Ahmad, a fellow student, during her university business studies, though she omitted to mention to him that she is as well working as maid in is grandmother’s home. Ehssane is a mother in despair, who is trying to obtain necessary funds for her only daughter surgery. Karima from the Saiidi region (rural region in Egypt) got finally pregnant for the 1st time after many years of trial and then her mistress came and kidnapped her baby.

Sisters is a social drama and romantic series constituted of 2 seasons of 35 eps. each, sheds light on 4 maids, whom despite all the hardships and tough conditions they are living in, these ladies are strong-willed to live a dignified life and persevere on achieving their dreams. Will society they are living in allow them to achieve their dreams? Will the power of love and will be able to triumph within these 4 ladies?


Season 1: 30×60’ 

Season 2: 30×60’

Season 3: 30×60’ — Released with huge success,more than 45% share, during Ramadan 2019!

Genre: Action & Romance

“AI Hayba” an area located on the borders between Syria and Lebanon, Jabal (a young strong-willed man) and his clan, Sheikh El Jabal, controls arms trading and smuggling at the borders.

Jabal and his family lead a modern life style, yet, he relies still on the traditional customs of the clan to solve conflicts and to affirm his authority. The family receives the news of the death of their son Adel who fled to France more than 15 years ago because of a vendetta. They hadn’t received any news from him for the past 10 years, and there he comes back now as a lifeless corpse, accompanied by his wife and only son who he named after his brother Jabal. Alia, Adel’s widow, did not know much about her husband’s family, but her fate totally changes when she meets the family

Conflicts of values, divergences between old and modern habits, western and oriental customs. The tale of a coherent and noble family, whose secrets and conflicts are revealed through a newcomer, a stranger, but who becomes, with time, a pillar in the family home. Between the quarrel over power and influence, and amid conflicting wills, men’s chivalry appears. Between possible and impossible love, blind and honest love, lovers’ chastity and good name, Alia and Jabal’s story unfolds.

Should be noted that the Arait Multimedia is a premier source of high quality Filipino Drama series all over the world. We are proud to present two new series:

The killer bride

40 episodes x 45’

Genre: Revenge/Drama

Las Espadas is a superstitious town that has been haunted by the ghost of the Killer Bride for years. Almost all Las Espadas residents have stories of encountering the woman in the bloody wedding dress and veil. They say that the ghost is biding her time to exact revenge on the people who had hurt her in the past. Camila Dela Torre, the Killer Bride, had been a rich heiress imprisoned for the murder of her fiance’s brother.

She was found beside his dead body in her wedding dress. She had screamed her innocence for everyone to hear but her family and the rest of Las Espadas became deaf to her pleas and she had died in prison in a big fire but not before vowing to come back and exact revenge. She has since then become an urban legend in Las Espadas used to scare kids but there are still those residents who are dreading for the day when her curse begins. Then on the night of a blood moon eclipse, newcomer, Emma, arrives. She gatecrashes a party riding Camila’s old horse and tells everyone that she is Camila. Emma claims that Camila seems to take over her body. She wakes up in the middle of the night standing in the middle of nowhere. She suddenly has dreams and memories that are not hers. She knows so much about Camila and her family. She knows things no one else but Camila should know about. Emma is so convincing that Camila’s grandmother believes her claims, wanting to welcome her to the family as penance for their sins against Camila.

The whole Las Espadas is agog. Emma could just be a scammer trying to weasel money out of the Dela Torres. But what if her claims are true – that Camila’s spirit possesses her? Could this be the start of Camila’s curse and the fruition of her revenge? It certainly seems so because bodies start dropping in Las Espadas when the Killer Bride stops becoming a ghost and becomes flesh and blood killer.

Mea culpa

40 episodes x 45’

Genre:Crime / drama

After passing the bar exams necessary to become full-ledged lawyers, six friends -Juris, Drei, Gaylord, Greco, Lolita, and Bogs- go on a road trip to celebrate their success.

But as the blaze and booze on the way, their joyride soon turns into a homicide when they accidentally run over and kill a woman in cold blood. Fearful of the impact the incident will have on their respective futures, they all decide to bury the body and keep it secret forever.

Further complications matters however, is the fact that the deceased was holding a baby. Plagued by guilt, Juris makes the decision to adopt the child and claim her as her own.

Years later, everyone has moved on to lead their own lives. Everyone, except a woman named fina -a determined mother on a mission to find and reunite with her long lost daughter.

Will one woman’s search for justice prevail against a secret kept by multiple people?


With its unique catalogue of HD and 4K titles, Arait is a key player in the world of factual content. 



A sumptuous Sundance doc depicting the Long Island birthplace of stock car racing where only one track remains. Located on prime real estate, the realtors are circling. The property is worth millions and only the love and integrity of the track’s community and elderly owners keep the bulldozers at bay.

Stunning cinematography immerses us in the intimate world of grassroots racing, at a time when its future is in the balance. Can this great blue collar American pastime survive?



1×88’ (Feature)


Deep in the Amazon, the near-mythical pink river dolphin is being hunted to extinction. Two activists, a marine biologist and a TV star, are working tirelessly to protect the species. Yet as their efforts to raise public awareness become increasingly complex, a scandal erupts and serious ethical questions are raised.

This surprising roller-coaster of a doc digs into the complexities of the modern media and the moral dangers of using the ends to justify the means.




The Baltic Sea is host to an enchanting underwater world. Held in the crook of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, its waters are privy to unique ecosystems comprising both marine and freshwater species.

By capturing the hidden beauty of the amazing array of life within this remarkable region, filmmaker and photographer Mattias Klum delivers a timely reminder of our role in the survival of these fragile ecosystems, as the Baltic Sea comes under increasing threat from human activity.